Trinity Gets Tough On Bike Theft

On Saturday 7th August Trinity Active Travel Hub joined forces with Police Scotland to make local bikes more secure.  The team braved the heavy showers to talk to the public in Bridgegate about bike security, active travel, and regular Trinity activities. Twenty one bikes belonging to the young and not so young were marked with unique codes.  The code along with a description of the bike and the owners contact details are entered onto the Bike Register data base. Subsequently if the bike is stolen or a bike found the police can use the register to trace the bike or find the owner. Despite the unreliable weather lots of people stopped by for a chat. Thanks to Asda and NAC Road Safety for providing us with some lovely goody bags that we could give away. Many thanks also to Rivergate Centre for being so accommodating and to NAC’s Road Safety Officer for promoting safer streets for children. 

If you are interested in having your bike security marked and registered with Bike Register, contact the Trinity on If enough people are interested, we will be able to organise another day when you can bring your bike along. Alternatively, we can send you the kit and you can register your bike yourself.

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