Nordic walking at the Trinity

We will be starting our new programme of Nordic Walking Taster sessions on Thursday 1st February and the sessions take place on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. We meet at 12 noon at the trinity Active Travel Hub and the sessions last about an hour.

Nordic Walking is an enhanced walking technique that uses walking poles to work the upper body as well as the legs. This technique originally started in Finland when it was a training exercise for skiers when they are not practising on the slopes for any upcoming competitions for skiing. When you are Nordic Walking, it also feels a little like you’re skiing but, you’re not on snow and you’re not going down a massive hill!

Nordic walking provides more of a workout than a walk alone as it works the core and the upper body as well as the legs. It exercises 90% of the muscles and this increases the strength in your legs, arms, shoulders, chest and back. This is also a great way for you to get some exercise and its also good for those who have mobility issues and for those who are going through physical therapy.

Each taster session starts with a warming up session, this is important as it helps to avoid any minor injuries. For example, warming up the calves will avoid any cramps and muscle strain on the legs. Another example is warming up the waist and shoulders, this will help to make sure that you keep swinging your arms while you are Nordic Walking. Following the warm up session we go for a walk outside, the length of this can be varied to cater for the abilities of the group. After the walk we return to the Trinity for a cooling down session to relax all the muscle groups you have been using.

Come and give it a try!

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