Clean Air Day 2024

National Clean Air Day is a day dedicated to highlighting the impact of air pollution on our health and the environment. Clean air is essential for our well-being and we can all take steps towards reducing air pollution. The day aims to educate, raise awareness, and mobilize collective action to improve air quality for the benefit of all. This year Clean Air Day is happening on Thursday 20th June and the focus of the Scottish campaign is on learning about impacts of air pollution and encouraging and sharing knowledge on active travel behaviours to support improving local air quality.

Air pollution is the biggest environmental threat to your health, no matter who you are or where you live. It can harm you, your family, your friends and your neighbours. Everyone is at risk from air pollution but you may be exposed to higher levels of air pollution if you live in a town or city, or near a busy road. Did you know that cars and vans are the biggest source of harmful nitrogen oxides in our air and according to official data cars and vans are the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and some types of air pollution in the UK.

The Trinity Active Travel Hub and Travel Smart are asking the community and employees to make a pledge for Clean Air Day. You might pledge to travel in a more sustainable way ” Ditch the car for the day and use public transport instead” or “Walk, wheel or cycle for a short journey to the shops or gym”. Or you can pledge to “Find out more about air pollution and what you can do to help reduce emissions”

Other things you can do to do your bit to reduce air pollution:

  • Walk, wheel or cycle more, especially using the back streets away from polluting traffic.
  • Avoid unnecessary burning at home (e.g. in a stove or open fire) unless it is your only source of heat.
  • If you rely on wood for your heating, use ‘ready to burn’ materials (e.g. dry wood or approved manufactured solid fuels), and try to ensure that your appliance is eco-design accredited.
  • If you do have to drive, switch your engine off when you’re stationary, and try to choose electric vehicles where you can.

What will you pledge to do?

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