Are You Bike Ready For Winter?

We have arrived at the colder and darker months but this doesn’t mean that you have to stop cycling, it just means that you need to prepare yourself and your bike for the colder and darker days ahead.

To support you through these coming months the Trinity Active Travel Hub will be hosting a Winter Cycling Preparation stall at various locations in the coming weeks, we will also have a FREE Bike Health Check.

The first event will be on 21st November in West Kilbride. This event must be booked by clicking on this link: Winter Bike Health Check West Kilbride (

We will look to provide information to the following:

Clothing Information:




Base layers & Layering Up

Jackets (Windproof / Waterproof and Hi Vis)


Waterproof trousers

Over Shoes

Bike and Accessories Information:

Lights (What are Lumens and how bright should lights be)

Mudguards (What are the different types of Mudguards)


Bike Maintenance tips throughout Winter

In the meantime click on the link below to check out information from Halfords on clothing for winter cycling.

Best Winter Cycling Clothing – Buyers Guide + Video | Halfords UK

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